Rookie Mistakes That Can Ruin Your First Paint Job

Putting on a fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest and most effective ways to transform the look of your home. Whether you paint one room or the whole house, you can lighten, brighten and beautify your living space for little more than the cost of a couple gallons of paint and a few brushes and rollers. Although painting seems fast and easy, however, it is not a foolproof home improvement project.

3 Questions to Ask Before Using a Commercial Painter

Painting your commercial building is a major undertaking, and you want to ensure that you have the right person for the job. It goes without saying that you need to choose contractors that have good references and a history of superior performance in their work. However, there are some factors that contribute to getting the best paint job over your building, and these form the basis of the questions highlighted below:

Simple DIY Guidelines on Painting Your Old Residential Roof

Residential roofing systems are built to provide prolonged service after the initial installation. However, their lifespan and even appearance will depend on the level of care and upkeep performed. Therefore, it is important to perform periodic maintenance to ensure that the functionality and aesthetic appeal remains consistent. One of the major tasks which you should consider carrying out is roof painting (if your room is made of a material that should be painted).