4 Trendy Paint Colours for Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of a home. It is the place where families gather and catch up on the day's events. Moreover, you host your guests in the living room. For that reason, many homeowners invest a lot in making sure the living room is trendy, cosy, and glamorous.

Your choice of paint plays a significant role in achieving such results. With professional help from a residential painting company, you will acquire paintwork that will last many years. Here are a few colours that can help you create the ideal interiors:

1. Green 

The colour green means harmony, freshness, and growth, making it the first suitable choice for your living room. It is perfect for those who lack time to take care of plants but still want a natural look in their home. Also, green works well if you are a minimalist or do not like neutral colours. You can go for a royal hunter green, light sage green, antique green, or night watch green, among others.

2. Grey

If your living room is limited in terms of space, you can create an illusion of a spacious room by painting the walls grey. Grey is also excellent in achieving a modern or vintage look. You can add some colour pop art or a unique centrepiece to grey without the art looking out of place. While you can apply this hue to any room, it best suits the living area.

3. Blue

Blue brings a calming and relaxing effect to the eyes. If you want to make your living room stand out more, you can have the walls painted blue and then add some brown or cream chairs. Of course, those with wooden floors can never go wrong with blue walls.

4. Black

If you are looking for a dramatic effect, black should be your colour of choice. Since black is not a popular shade among many homeowners, it will make your living room stand out. Moreover, black makes the rest of the furniture in your living room pop out. It is also a perfect choice if you live in a sunny region where the sun's glare is a nuisance. You have various shades of black to choose from like onyx, dark granite, dark as night, and phantom mist.

These are just a few of the trendy and timeless colours you should consider for your living area. Remember to work with a residential painting company for additional help. A trained painter knows the exact amount of each hue to apply to bring out the desired outcome.