Two reasons why it's important to have commercial painters paint your shop exterior

If your shop exterior needs to be painted, you should have this job done by commercial painters, even if you think you might be able to do it yourself. Here are two reasons why.

They can weigh in on your paint colour choice

Choosing a paint colour for the exterior of a shop requires more than just an eye for aesthetics; you must also ensure that it will be appropriate for your premises and the way in which you run your shop. If you're opting for a new paint colour, having commercial painters on hand, who have already painted and repainted many other commercial buildings and who are, therefore, familiar with the common errors that business people make in regards to this decision, could be helpful.

They can weigh in on your choice and, if necessary, recommend a different paint colour and finish that not only suits your brand and is a colour you personally find attractive but which is also a practical choice for your premises. For example, if your shop's brand colours are burgundy and cream, and you had planned to use cream-coloured paint on your shop exterior, the painters might advise you to paint it burgundy instead if, whilst visiting the shop, they observe hat customers often stand in a queue outside it and spend this waiting time leaning their hands against the shop's wall or sitting on its windowsill.

They might advise you to do this because the dust, handprints and dirt that your customers leave on these exterior surfaces will be very visible if they are painted with cream-coloured paint. By using your other, darker brand colour on the wall, these marks will be harder to see and you'll avoid having to hose down the walls as often as you would if you had gone for cream-coloured paint.

Commercial painters will do the work neatly and efficiently

The other reason to hire commercial painters for this task is that they'll do the work more efficiently and neatly than you could. This is particularly important if you cannot afford to close the shop down for a long period whilst it's painted or to deal with the costs that could come with painting-related mishaps.

For example, because of how careful and neat commercial painters are, there is almost no possibility of them splashing paint on a passer-by and ruining that person's clothing or hair, nor is there any real risk of them splattering paint onto any vehicles that are parked in front of your shop. If you have minimal experience with painting, these are the type of mistakes that you could easily make that could affect your shop's reputation.

Additionally, these painters, who will have painted many other premises' exteriors, will be able to paint efficiently, without having to redo any areas of the paintwork or waste time working out which brushes to use on certain areas, in the way that you might have to; this will ensure this work is finished fast and, therefore, causes very little disruption to the running of your shop.