Simple DIY Guidelines on Painting Your Old Residential Roof

Residential roofing systems are built to provide prolonged service after the initial installation. However, their lifespan and even appearance will depend on the level of care and upkeep performed. Therefore, it is important to perform periodic maintenance to ensure that the functionality and aesthetic appeal remains consistent. One of the major tasks which you should consider carrying out is roof painting (if your room is made of a material that should be painted). This will restore the brilliance of the surface and promote longevity by minimising contact between the roof and external factors. Here are simple guidelines to help you perform roof painting.

Cleaning and Preparing the Roof

You should clean the roofing surface to ensure that the new coating of paint will adhere and last long. The most efficient technique for accomplishing this task is using a pressure washer for the project. However, if you do not have access to this equipment, use a garden hose and a good broom to clean away dirt and debris. If you have a corrugated metal roof, you should also use a degreaser. This will remove any oil deposits which could interfere with the fresh paint.

If you have an old tile roof, you are likely to notice lichen growing on the roofing units. These will not only prevent adherence of the paint, but they will also affect the visual impact of the improvement. You should look for a specialty commercial chemical in your local stores for lichen removal. Use it before scrubbing and rinsing the surface. Additionally, it is prudent to replace broken and cracked tiles or damaged metal panels for longer service after the painting project.

Selection of Paint

There are numerous types of paint in the market to consider for your painting project. However, not all the pertinent products are ideal for your project, so you should check the details provided by the manufacturer before proceeding. In general, you should ensure that your paint product is compatible with the pertinent material you wish to improve. The paint should also be rated or exterior use because alternatives will be degraded by the sun and rain. In addition, remember that dark shades tend to absorb solar heat while lighter hues will reflect the heat.

Effective Painting

The most ideal method for painting a roof is by using a spray gun. This will distribute the paint efficiently, and you can finish the task quickly. However, if you do not have access to these, you can use a paint brush on tiled roofs and a specialised paint roller for corrugated sheets.