Why you should hire a commercial painter to decorate your business premises

When you need your commercial premises painted, you may be tempted to call a house painter. In fact, there are many reasons why you need a specialist commercial painter to work on commercial premises.


Firstly, commercial painting jobs may be much larger than residential ones. A residential painter may only need to work on a single room or a few walls. A commercial painter, on the other hand, may have to cover a whole large building or even a complex of buildings. You will need to hire a painting service that is experienced with large jobs like this and will know how to tackle the work.


Secondly, a large commercial painting job will require different experience and skills from the painter. Covering a large area may need different techniques, and the demands of the workplace itself will make the job more challenging. The painters may have to work around immobile pieces of machinery that will need to be protected from the painting, but which could also be in the way. There may also be a greater need to work at height, as walls in commercial buildings may be taller than residential ones — especially exterior walls. If the job is to be carried out effectively and safely, it must be done by someone who is well used to these challenges.


Thirdly, commercial painting tends to have much tighter deadlines. Decorating business premises can be very disruptive and can lead to the business having to close temporarily. Even when the premises remain open, employees can find it much harder to do their jobs while the painting is carried out. Naturally, this disruption will need to be kept to a minimum, so the job must be finished as quickly as possible. Whereas a residential painter will have more flexibility, commercial painters must work efficiently and strategically to complete a large job in the shortest possible amount of time.


Finally, commercial painters need more complex equipment than residential painters. They are likely to make greater use of spraying and do less close-up work. They may need to use paints with a tougher finish and will need scaffolding or scissor lifts to enable them to work safely at height. The standard equipment available to a residential painter may not be good enough to carry out the work.

As commercial painting tends to be more complex and larger in scale than residential work, make sure you hire a commercial painting service to carry out your business redecoration. Talk to a commercial painter to learn more.