Why Now Is a Good Time to Paint Your Commercial Tanks

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing an economic slow-down, you may be wondering why you should invest in the maintenance of your manufacturing plant. Commercial tanks play an important role in collecting, storing and transporting water across the premises. Furthermore, they require regular maintenance to avoid issues such as leaks.

Painting your commercial tank during this slow period is an excellent investment. Not only will you have more space to operate, but you'll also be able to take advantage of low season pricing. Here are additional reasons why you should invest in a new paint job for your commercial tanks.   

1. Take advantage of downtime

If you've planned a commercial painting project in the past, you know just how much it can disrupt daily operations. This slow period is an excellent opportunity for you to plan a thorough commercial project without worrying about disruptions. More specifically, your painting contractor can spend more time working on heavy traffic areas or other sections that are typically harder to access during normal periods. And because there are fewer people on-site, you can focus on details such as aesthetic appeal, colour options and how they blend with incoming light, and coating materials. Your painting contractor can also help you develop a branding strategy that is further elevated by your water tanks.  

2. Protect your machine from the elements

Even if your business has been shut down for a period of time, you shouldn't forget to maintain essential equipment such as water tanks. The right type of coating can help prevent corrosion in metal tanks, silos, and other similar materials. Furthermore, paint and coatings also prevent damage from excess humidity, temperature, and dirt. There are special types of coatings that can be used for additional protection on your water tanks. For example, chemical-resistant coatings prevent chemical damage, while antimicrobial coatings are an excellent choice for industries that require high sanitation standards. Take advantage of slow periods to protect your equipment from external elements.

3. Take advantage of lower costs

This slow period presents an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy competitive pricing. You can negotiate with a commercial contractor to carry out extensive painting on your premises at a competitive cost. This gives you more flexibility to select quality paints, coatings, and other services that can give your commercial tanks a facelift. For example, pressure washing along with a fresh coat of paint can turn a dull water tank into an attractive piece of equipment.