Will Painting Your Office Building Attract More Tenants?

If you hire out office space in your building to different businesses, then your aim is to fill the building with tenants. This isn't always easy. You have to compete with other commercial landlords to entice new tenants in.

While you may offer competitive rents, state-of-the-art services and a friendly on-site management team, you may still be finding it hard to fill all your space. If you're losing tenants that showed initial interest in moving in, then you need to work out why.

This may be down to the way your building looks rather than what's on offer inside. If the exterior of your building looks dated or run-down, then businesses may not want to move in.

How can painting the outside of your building help?

New Paint Makes You Look Professional

If the outside of your office building hasn't been painted for years, then it may look grubby and uncared for. Issues like peeling paint, patchy walls and even just faded colours don't reflect well on you professionally.

No matter how brilliant the inside of your building looks, prospective tenants partly judge your building on the way it looks from the outside. If prospective tenants come to look at your space, then a badly-maintained exterior gives them an immediate negative impression of the building before they even come inside.

Plus, if they think you aren't maintaining the exterior of the building, then they may question how committed you are to maintaining the building as a whole. Some businesses may decide not to lease space from you because they worry you won't do work when it is needed.

New Paint Makes Your Tenants Look Professional

Your tenants may just lease space from you, but they have a professional stake in your building. Its exterior condition reflects on their businesses as well as yours.

For example, some businesses will have clients visiting them on site. They need to make a good impression from the moment one of their clients approaches the building. Businesses may not be happy taking office space in a building that looks bad because it obviously needs a new paint job.

If you paint the exterior of your building, you immediately make it look better. Prospective tenants will feel more positively about leasing office space. This may help you gain tenants you'd otherwise have lost.

To get advice on how to make your building look more attractive and professional, talk to local commercial painters.