Residential Painters | 4 Nifty Tactics For Choosing A Colour Plan For Ceilings

Most homeowners focus on painting their walls and often ignore the ceilings in their homes as an attentive aesthetic choice. The ceiling colour you choose will make an impact on the look of your entire room, so be sure to follow these nifty tactics when working with residential painters for choosing your ceiling paint.

Stick To Classic White For Effortless Integration

White is a classic choice for ceilings because of its natural ability to integrate into all types of room colours without any difficulty. White paint is easy to choose and will look good in a traditional or modern home, so you know you can never go wrong when you choose this colour for your ceiling. White paint can also make a ceiling appear brighter and higher than it is to give your room an open feel. Ask your residential painters for different shades with subtle variations and choose a white hue that appeals most to your personal taste.

Vary Slightly From The Wall Colouring

If you don't want the continuous appearance of the same wall and ceiling colour and don't want a dramatic colour change for the ceiling, then you can choose a colour that varies only slightly from your wall colouring. This enables your ceiling colour to be a few shades lighter or darker than your existing wall colour, allowing you to appreciate the soothing nature of cohesive colouring with more depth and intensity. Ideally, you should choose lighter shades on your ceiling to make the room feel larger and airier.

Continue Wall Paint Into The Ceiling

This strategy requires you to paint your ceiling in the same colour as the rest of the walls in the room for a cohesive and full appearance to the space. This creates unbroken colour planes that are soothing to the eye without the shock of drastic colour changes. This colour tactic is relatively easy because your residential painters simply have to continue using the wall colour for the ceiling, easing your stress because you need to make fewer choices.

Different Contrasting Colour From Walls

A bright ceiling in a colour that is starkly different from your walls will create a graphic and bold statement in any room. This strategy is perfect when you're looking to create drama and dimension in the room. This colour idea is typically better suited to casual bedrooms instead of formal living rooms. You can get your residential painters to use dark reds, oranges and purples to create a vivid colour scheme.

Use these tactics when working with your residential painters from a company like Dyson Painters to choose a colour plan for your ceilings.