Painters | 4 Paint Strategies To Craft The Illusion Of Space In Bathrooms

Your bathroom is likely to be one of the smallest rooms in your home, so you'll naturally want to find ways to make it look bigger than it is. While you may not be able to physically increase the size of your bathroom, painting is an incredibly cheap way to craft the impression of space. Use these strategies when working with painters to make the bathroom appear roomier.

Use Similar Neutral Tones On All Walls

Light and neutral tones tend to be more reflective of light, which gives the optical illusion of space. This is especially smart when you have a small bathroom and want to make it appear larger. The best way to get your bathroom to appear larger is by using the same light and neutral paint colours on all the bathroom walls. Light and neutral colours like beige, ice blue, off-white and cream work well to make bathrooms appear bigger and more open.

Blend Tile and Wall Colours

Blending the tile and wall colours will create a sense of uninterrupted cohesiveness to make your bathroom appear larger. This will make the bathroom feel like a continuous area. To retain the uninterrupted feel of your bathroom, you'll want to continue the same colour from the wall to the ceiling. This unbroken feel will create the impression of a larger bathroom.

Use Stripes For Creating Taller And Wider Bathrooms

Vertical stripes are sure to draw the eye upwards, while horizontal stripes will draw the eye sideways. Both these optical illusions work perfectly depending on the look you're trying to create. If you have a short ceiling and want to extend the height of the bathroom, you'll want the painters to create vertical stripes. If you want your bathroom to appear wider, horizontal stripes will do the trick. Avoid any busy or large patterns in the bathroom because that will make your space seem smaller and more cluttered. 

Follow Light Colour Continuity Onto Windows and Doors

Light colors don't only apply to ceilings and walls of bathrooms. Make sure your doors and window frames are also painted in light colours to maintain a sense of uninterrupted homogeneity. Painting your window trims and doors in similar light shades will make the walls and doors appear further away thanks to the reflective properties of these light colours. This will make your bathroom appear bigger.

Use these clever paint strategies when working with painters to make your small bathroom appear larger.