3 Imaginative Paint Ideas To Bring Your Son's Bedroom To Life

Paint is an excellent choice to alter the look of your son's bedroom instantly without costing you a fortune. Choosing paint colours and styles for your son's room requires plenty of creativity and smart planning to get it just right, especially because little boys tend to be messy while playing. Use these imaginative paint ideas to bring your son's bedroom to life when working with your painters.

Use Stripes for Creating Dramatic Colour Appeal

Painting stripes in your son's bedroom gives you the flexibility to use a vast array of hues and colours on the wall for creating dramatic appeal. This vibrant colour idea is perfect when you want to add a touch of bright vividness to the room. You can choose between monochromatic colours or multi-colours to give the room enhanced appeal. Stripes look particularly good against solid ceilings and floors. Painting stripes when you have patterned ceilings and floors will make the space seem too noisy and cluttered.

Consider Classic Blue for Cheerful Style

Blue is a classic colour choice for the room of any boy, so you're unlikely to go wrong with it when it comes to your son's bedroom. Blue comes in plenty of shades, so you will need to consider your son's preferences before getting the painters to do their job. For example, you can choose between light sky blue or dark ocean blue depending on everyone's preferences. Gentler shades of blue will create a breezy interior, while slightly darker shades will represent the rich blue of the coast. You can even add a few shellfish and corals to create a distinctive look for your son's bedroom. Blue is usually combined with white, but it also looks good when paired with red, yellow and orange for adding bright cheerfulness to the bedroom.

Dress Up the Room With Iconic Characters  

Use iconic characters to bring a touch of ingenious creativity to your son's bedroom, especially if he's a fan of a particular cartoon or superhero. You can get your painters to use wall murals and bright colours to bring these superheroes to life and to accentuate your wall with vividness. For example, life-size murals of superheroes are perfect wall backdrops to fuel your son's passion for these inspirational crusaders. You can even use pictures of your son's favourite sports team to create an inspired bedroom space.  

Use these imaginative ideas and work closely with your painters to bring your son's bedroom to life. For more tips or options, contact companies like Allure Painting Services.