Tips For Painting Multiple Coats

Painting can be a strenuous task whether it is in a small office or a large space. It is for this reason that many people don't apply multiple coats of paint. This, however, can leave you with issues such as visible marks and smears on the painted surface. Therefore, to eliminate these cosmetic issues, it is absolutely essential to apply at least least two coats of paint. Regardless of the surface that you are painting; applying a number of coats is essential because it not only covers smears, but each extra coat strengthens the color. Along with this, having more than one coat will actually strengthen the paint itself and prevent future damage to the surface.  Here are a few tips and pointers for applying extra coats of paint:

1. Use Latex Paint  

Latex paint is great for many surfaces because it is a flexible form of paint; this means that it can be easily washed. Along with this, it is a great paint to use for multiple coats because it typically does not have a strong and overpowering odor. To add to this,  latex paint does not crack or peel, which makes it solid and durable over a long period of time. Because the paint is so flexible, it can be washed off with a combination of soap and water if necessary, which is great if you decide to change color. 

2. Use the brush from your first coat

It is highly advised to use the same brush that was used for the first coat of paint. This will save the hassle of having to do extra clean up and preparation. You can put the brush in the fridge when you are not painting.  The trick is to place the bristles at the end of the brush into either a plastic bag or zip-lock bag before placing it in the fridge.

3. Stirring the paint

If the paint in your tray has been left open for longer than 45 minutes, it is important to stir it thoroughly. This is because the ingredients in the paint itself can actually separate, which can and will effect the consistency and color. Therefore,  It is important to stir the paint when you are starting another coat. You should also stir it occasionally while you are doing the job to make sure that the ingredients actually stay consistent.

By following these tips you can feel confident knowing that your final job will look professional and clean.